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DACA recipient Alejandro Jimenez prepares to fight for the embattled ideals of America as he trains for his next fight as a pro boxer.

On a Wednesday, I saw an article in the local paper about a DACA Dreamer who was his Pennsylvania town's first professional boxer. By that night, I'd dug up a number for his manager and spent the next three days filming with them. One camera, no prep, no crew. Just a guerilla project entirely in-the-moment. I focused on being invisible, passing through spaces without interfering with events as they unfolded, breaking just a couple rules to fake my way as press to get into the locker rooms on fight night. The uninhibited access Alejandro and his coach, Mark Roxey, granted me allowed for unexpected moments and an intimate look at a surrogate father and son born of two worlds. TWO RIVERS champions the best our country can offer, when we hold up our champions.

TWO RIVERS Ben Samuels Director 9.jpg

Original Music

Michael Brennan

Shot and Cut

Ben Samuels

Old Dog Boxing Gym

Raging Babe Michelle Rosado

FightNight Live Powered by Everlast

2300 Arena

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