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A father and son confront colliding stories of gun violence in North Philly over the course of a single day.

WAY UP  was shot run-and-gun over two days in Philly with the most incredible outpouring of community support. We interfaced with the local chapter of March For Our Lives, received exceptional access (and wrestlers) from Beat The Streets Philly, entered the classrooms of Kensington High School of the Performing Arts -- where Ismael Jimenez played himself and gave us all a lesson on Civil Rights -- and worked with the sweetest kid in a sad scene at Laurel Hill Cemetery. Young Flames, a youth rap group campaigning for their lives, dropped "Guns Down," which became our credits track. It takes a village to make a film and a community to create change. We'll never forget the neighborhood turning out during the crime scene sequence, offering their own stories of loved and lost. Co-Directed with my brother, Oliver.

WAY UP BTS-6.jpg

Original Music

Young Flames, Camp Candle, Eric Boss, John Morrison

Director of Photography

Sam Weinstein

Dwayne Thomas as Khael

Tyler Andrews as Niles

Neil Samuels as Mortician

Ismael Jimenez as Himself

Ben Samuels as Journalist

Baron Spence as Young Niles

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